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Detach Reason Rack to iPad screen!!!

Detach Reason Rack to iPad screen!!!

This has been my biggest beef with Reason from the very beginning. I'm sick and tired of trying to find a all-in-one-midi keyboard that can control the devices on the rack to there full-potential.

If I want to create a sound from scratch, from Idea to Sound, for example on a Subtractor I really feel like using a mouse to click'n'drag the controls is very tedious to use the oscillators, filters, envelopes, and modulation to finish making a sound.

I've been a loyal Reason customer since 2003 and I can tell you this is the biggest downfall of Reason. I've always felt a disconnect from the device on the rack, even as going as far to find a trying to find a midi-device to re-create and physically & mentally connect with the device on the rack as if I physically had the device in person only to come up short.

With the iPad being on the market for almost 3 years and Propellerhead creating apps for iOS released onto the App Store there is no reason (no pun intended) what so ever that Propellerhead can not create an iOS app that is a detached extension of the Reason Rack where you can control and focus on a specific device selected from the rack (and/or sequencer) and move the knobs and sliders that sync in real-team with your Mac &/or PC as if the device was physical in front of you creating a more realistic touch experience. In theory this would also make it easier to record parameter changes on to the sequencer as you record the parameter changes from you detached reason rack on your iPad.

The closet alternative I have found so far that comes close to what I'm looking for is TouchOSC with RetouchDuo 3.0 layout. But there are a couple of problems, 1) it does not "sync" , more like a one way control; 2) the layout is pretty close to what the device looks like but it would be nice if the devices looked exactly like the device graphic template on the actuall Reason Rack; 3) if Propellerhead executed a detached Reason Rack on iOS iPad, One could speculate it would be the closet to hands-on device approach

Thank you for reading!!!

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