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Neptune questions

Dear forum members,

I have tried using Neptune a couple of times now for correcting vocals that are slightly out of tune. I find it a bit difficult to set up the Neptune parameters such that the vocals get in tune without the correction being noticeable. I don't know whether this is because my vocalist is too much out of tune or if it is because of my inability to find the right neptune settings, but I would be grateful if you have any pointers/links to good Neptune tutorials!

Anyhow, I have tested:
1) setting "ROOT" and "SCALE" properly
2) feeding Neptune with a midi track with the correct melody.

I would expect 2) to be better than 1) since that will give Neptune more detailed information. For some reason, however, alternative 1) always sounds more natural than 2) - why is this? Does 2) give wider catch zones leading to more brutal pitch shifting? Why can't I specify the catch zone myself when using a midi track?

Grateful for insights from regular Neptune users,

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