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Old 2013-03-21, 23:54
thanatas thanatas is offline
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serious problem with playback what ive recorded!

Hi guys i have some serous problem and im kind helpless.

when i record for example some chords or basslines from the reason stock sounds instruments everything is fine as it supposed to be.

but then as i stope recording and want to play the recorded in the loop to add new sounds then i find the tracks are not playing.

no the solo or mute buttons are not pushed!!!!

sometimes i hear the first note but the rest is silence or i can hear some short crackle clicks as the midi notes begin to play.

i found the kong machine isnt affected by this phenomenon.

i switched sound cards from internal to onyx 1640i to focusritescarlet 18i6 the problem remains.

i found deleting the Reason software from my macbook pro 2012 now with 10.8.3 (did update the osx today because i thought its because of that yesterday i had 10.7 osx same issues) solves the problem for a couple of hours. but then suddenly it occurs again.

chaging the buffersize or samplerate doesnt help either

i can also see the signal moving in the channels but there is no sound!

do someone have any clue what this shit is about? its really frustrating really. what can i do?

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