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Wishes for Recycle

Recycle is great, lots of fun, but can be made 200% better with some very simple things. Btw, I very much like the simple, non-cluttered interface. Please keep that!!

1) To facilitate processing acoustic loops, there should be a quantize function to standard note values: 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32 and their dotted and triplet versions. Having to export to DAW, quantize, bounce, import again to Recycle, slice again, and export again is a real drag and not very user friendly.

2) The Process menu has the item 'Add slices at 16ths'. Why only sixteenths? Please make a submenu with the standard note values (like in request 1).

3) Keyboard shortcuts are ok, but could be improved. I'd like to have one hand on the keyboard in the same place and the other on the mouse. The most frequently used commands (select tools, navigate slices) require me to constantly move my hand around the keyboard. I suggest adding the slice navigation directly underneath the tool selection keys (f=play slice, d=next slice, s-previous slice). The ascii keys below that can even be used to modify the current slice (v=toggle lock slice, c=toggle mute slice). Or let the user create their own keyboard shortcuts.

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