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Loop Echo co o o

With some of reasons devices it's possible to create clean sounding 'echoes' from a sample,just by using loop points.
An example might be to open a NNXT,load a sample into a zone and decide what you would like to 'echo'.
If you go into the sample editor and set loop points somewhere,either from start to end,or any where in between,crossfade if you like,save edit.
Using very short loops will speed the timing of repeats.
Now what you can do in the NNXT is set play mode to loop, amp envelope attack/decay/hold to 0,sustain to max,and release will decide echo length (tail) and volume fade.
By playing with loop points and loop modes in NNXT you can get different kinds of effects.
It can be done in the other sampler devices using the decay or length settings,but NNXT has over 200secs release time which unfortunately cannot be automated>why not?!
Hope this helps.
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