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Unhappy Balance audio recording glitch - Help

Just purchased reason balance for £250 because the tascam us122 MK II I purchased would start making a glitching sound during audio guitar recording ( well known issue even with latest update driver). I assumed that after buying the balance I wouldn't have any further problems as this was obv part of the reason set-up. For some reason during audio recording with the balance there seems to be a slight hiccup/stutter/skip/glitch (whatever you call it) which happens very intermittently. This can last a mili second and can happen within about 20 seconds of recording or 1 minute in. Its almost like a mini audio stumble. Very variable. The DSP does not move and the PC I have is a gaming PC I'm using only for music making. There is nothing else on it apart from reason 6.5. What can be causing this problem????? It seems to be slightly more prominent with the click being used during recording but this might be because it makes it makes it more obvious. I've spent nearly a grand in total for this home studio set-up and still feel I can't record basic audio without glitching. Any ideas please help. Would be greatly appreciated.

All ideas very welcome.

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