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Old 2002-10-04, 05:30
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Legal question: Hiring a vocalist to sing on your track.

I'm auditioning some people to sing on some tracks I've written and don't have a lot of money to pay them. Most of them seem to be willing to do it for fun and the experience.

If for some crazy reason what I've written does get signed by a label, how should I go about the business aspect of having a vocalist sing on it. I was thinking that I would tell them that they would receive credit in the song title, for example "song title featuring xxx" and also that they could use it for a reference for future gigs. I would also be able to pay a flat base fee for singing on it. I'm wondering if it's proper to give them a percentage of sales even though they haven't written any of the music and just sang the vocal part I've written.

Any feedback/suggestions/experience welcome please...


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