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Advice on getting a mic.

Hey Everyone,

I need some advice on getting a mic, The mic itself will only be used for vocals and youtube commentarys (Me and my friend will be sharing the mic 50/50 on paying it). The mics I have seen so far are blue snowball,Samson C01U. The mic I was going to get was "zoom h4n mic" but that is very pricey (£230). Would you say I am better off saving and getting the zoom h4n mic? Or are there better mics out there for me, maybe you know of even a better mic?

I have Youtubed and googled but I get a lot of mixed reviews on dose mics so maybe someone here has got one/used one and can tell me if its a boy or stay away. I do not have many music shops around me so I can not go and test mics out.


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