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View Poll Results: Would you like to see a restricted, but working mode for RE's you dont own?
Yes, please! 13 72.22%
No, I think the placeholders are okay. 5 27.78%
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Old 2013-04-01, 12:22
WhiteWolf22 WhiteWolf22 is offline
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Lightbulb Improving collaboration with Rack Extensions you don't own

Yesterday I received another Reason user's .reason file, he allowed me to remix one of his songs.
Well, the problem is: he uses 15(!) RE's that I don't own in this one, and I have already tried a few of them, like the Antidote, so I couldn't even play the song to listen to it.

I can understand, that the use of RE's that you don't own must be prevented, but the introduction of RE's also crippled a lot of possibilities to share your work and collaborate with other musicians.

I gave this a thought and I think, I came up with a much better solution than the one we have right now:


So, what if I received that .reason file, all the RE's that I don't have will be opened and working for playing back the song, but I just would not be allowed to reconnect the cables to them, could not adjust any value other than setting them to standby and the only thing I could do with them would be to delete them?

Instead of showing a placeholder, you could open them in a restricted mode, exactly with the settings and connections the author of the song gave them.
They would work to play the song and to bounce the sound into audio, but you could not actually "use" them. You could not connect them to anything else, you could not create them, and you could not change ANY of their settings. BUT you could listen to what the author of the song file did and collaborate by bouncing the audio.

Please give this a thought.

By locking all of the controls AND connections, you would still make the plugin unusable for anything else, but you would not hurt collaboration, as the placeholders currently do.



To go even further in terms of preventing to use them without owning them, you could lock the editing features for all items in the sequencer, that have such a restricted Rack Extension in the instrument / effects chain. When you delete it, you can edit the notes for example. But as long as there is a RE that you don't have, you could only listen to, what the song file's author made.

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