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Problem with the Radical Piano

For the most part I really love the Radical Piano Rack Extension, but there is one thing that sort of blows the whole illusion for me and I believe would be quite easy to fix. The problem is as follows:

When you press the damper pedal, the keys sustain as they should, the sound is routed through some sort of reverb type emulation of the resonance between the strings which is also good, and at the end when you take your foot off the damper pedal, you can hear the mechanical sound of the dampers hitting back against the strings, which is also good.

The problem is that while the damper pedal is depressed, you can also hear the dampers for individual keys coming down as you take your fingers off of each key. This is a mistake. The dampers for each string are held up until the damper pedal is released, at which point they all come down together. This drives me absolutely nuts completely ruins it for me. What I end up doing is trying to extend all the notes until the damper pedal comes up, then releasing them all at once with the damper pedal. This is just way too much work.

Anyway, since this is a "feature suggestion thread" and not a bug reporting one, my "feature suggestion" is that the Props take this wonderful start for a virtual instrument and take it the rest of the way home. Get rid of the "dampers coming down sound" on each key when the damper pedal is held down. This will make sequencing piano parts orders of magnitude easier.

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