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Ive been using Reason since late 06 and i have to be honest..... i will continue to use it. But the problem i have with Reason is.... you seem to be happy with being #2 or 3 when it comes to polls. Many people...all over the country say, Reason is the little brother to Pro Tools...... That's gotta burn at least a little bit! It seems as though you just inch away at the upgrades and new capabilities to keep pulling money out of everyone's pockets. All these rack extensions are great, but look at how much money you kick out just for a handful of them. A new user would be better off getting Pro Tools because they have all the same capabilities and more and they are not charging you for each new unit, its all in the package.

It would be nice to see more sampling capabilities, you have the kong but when it comes to sampling its always been a hassle with Reason. I have a Maschine and the reason i continue to use it is because its so easy to slice samples.

There has never been a way to sync a turntable with Reason.... that should be a no brainer!

Why not make it where programs like Komplete....and Omnisphere are compatible with Reason? I almost bought Omnisphere and they told me that its not compatible with the program, unless you load Reason thru something like "Pro Tools" ...because Pro Tools is compatible with Omnisphere.

I just want to see Reason expand and get the props it deserves. Even with all the rack extensions....its not making any head way.....seems like the only ones excited about it are the Reason users. I know a lot of Pro Tools users and they haven't even considered using Reason.

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