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patchbays. simple, yet effective. im thinking of two models, a 1u with stereo build (two rows in on top, two rows in on bottom) - when you flip rack, it dosent flip, view would be static so you can see ins and outs and all time. (im picturing a neat little cable organizer graphic on the side). then a 'mini-skinni' - the size of a folded device, even as simple as 8 ins on left side 8 outs on right. little blank tape strips for labeling would be a must.

just fire up an extensive 'environment', pop the outputs from your freshly dropped instruments into the scribble labeled jacks of said pbay type devices, instead of digging though dozens of combis and devices to find the beginning of your (mangled and hectic) signal chains. this would also allow great use of 'A + B' referencing and experimentation, as well as some even wilder template possibilities. the right click menu is cumbersome, not hindering - but i always yearned for a little "hotspot" type utility that i can set up generic chains without committing to a certain flow, not to mention great organizational benifits. <3 spiders and the jiggery RE's, have been weaving like a madman.

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