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Old 2013-06-02, 15:52
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Exclamation POSSIBLE BUG: Can't record midi notes to VOCODER

Hey Guys!

Im currently trying to develop a effect combinator similar to the VST Effectrix. In this combinator you will be able to "play" the effects with the midi keyboard by toggling them ON and OFF.

To achieve this effect im controlling the ON/OFF CV signals with a VOCODER. I send midi signals to the VOCODER and then the vocoder sends a specific CV signal. The possible bug is that while you CAN play the vocoders CV signals there is now way of recording them in the sequencer.

I solved this by using a midi loop. I create a midi instrument in the rack, I then send the midi signal out to a midi looping program and the back again to reason as a instrument. I then lock the midi loop signal to the vocoder. I can then play the vocoder via my midi instrument.

BUT it would be much easier to play the vocoder if you just could record midi in sequencer. If you can play it you should be able to record midi notes to it too!!

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