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Old 2013-04-17, 02:26
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Any way to 'comp' Blocks. Using/Creating with Blocks in relation to Acoustic Guitar


I am a singer songwriter, I make up songs on acoustic guitar, I wish to compose and arrange, my strummed songs with the Blocks feature. Using the Acoustic Guitar (strummed) as the bed. But have found when I do so, there is no way to arrange the blocks into a seamless transition. I don't think it is as a result of poor timing as the strum from one section on the end will not transition into the next. The strum will 'jar' or up and down strums will counter each other. is there any workarounds or comping tricks that could help this

Is it the case that the Blocks feature, is best used when using midi and Dr Rex files as beds and the basis of the song composition?

It just would be nice to sectionise the song into Bridge Chorus Verse of acoustic strumming and then to rearrange, as in what I bought the Reason program for. The result so far with acoustic gutiar is jarring.

I think it's a defunct question there just seems to be no way it could possible work. Anyone?

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