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I don't think I'll upgrade to 7

Mixer groups, Sp Analyzer, Midiout, audio quantize... at last in Reason!

Many people are excited about these features but ..... they exist in other DAWs since 10 years

I am happy converted musician from Reason 6 to S1. My perspective on Reason after 1,5 years of not touching it is firm: hard to use, unfriendly GUI, outdated concepts, visual mess..

Don't tell me marketing jokes like "it's very easy to do IT in Reason, it just take 7 steps and after 10 minutes you ready".

I'll tell you my joke: "I'll do IT in my DAW in 1 step in no time"

Sorry for cheap jokes but .. working with many tracks (ex. 30) is a nightmare in Reason. Reason in fact is not a DAW and will never be because of its architecture. For example plugin compensation is still impossible to implement in Reason.

Future of Reason? My prediction is it will turn to VST plugin. Yeah, I would like to have Reason as a plugin. That would be fantastic! Rewire is only the workaround.

I must admit Reason is the best in one area - marketing of their own products. Really impresive job they do.

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