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2 questions about Mixing

1. If you record vocals for say, a Hip Hop track (or any track where the vocals are of the same person), is is worth EQ'ing each track before routing to a bus? I know that for like FXs (reverb/echo/delay), you wanna save time and CPU by bussing them together. I just wonder if this would be a good practice.

2. Let us say that you have EQ'd your individual tracks/busses; you have added your compression & added your make-up gain, etc; and now you are see each individual track had some headroom (peaks at -7dbs) with the long throw fader set to 0dbs. Now, (esp. for the vocals) nothing is clipping except for the master section's meter. My question is get the peak lowered properly, do I just lover the fader for the master section, or do I compress/limit it down? Both? As a back up, if Im just going to throw a limiter on it, what is the purpose of the long throw fader on the master bus?

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