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2nd Loop-Locator

I hope it's understandable, English is not my native language :-).

I would suggest second loop-locators or a markable area for fast/short editing, which will be looped until I unselect.

I've noticed that, when I create a song, I often repeat a particular area (loop). While editing, recording, mastering, etc., I mostly work within a smaller area of the loop (e.g.only 4-8 bars from 32 bars), which requieres to change the loop-locators positions. After finishing I need to push back the locators again to the previous larger area to hear my work in complete (but not the full song and also looped), so a second loop or quick markable area would be useful. BTW the locators are almost outside of the screen, because I use a zoomed view when editing, which doesn't make it easier.
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