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Old 2013-04-24, 13:20
JensenTNI JensenTNI is offline
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move devices up and down in rack faster

Probably a rather stupid request, but converting old songs to Reason 6 (soon Reason 7) is a chore as I have to transfer each channel from the old ReMix mixer to the new SSL. The big issue is, because I need to create a device for each and also create a Flower Loudness Meter for volume reference, I then have to move down the relevant mix channel device to the respective instrument everytime which can take ages, because dragging down the device in the rack is currently the only option if you don't want to loose you cabeling and it's bloody slow.

So very helpful would be either:
a) a much faster drag speed
b) an option - move device from location to location (and leave all connections in place)

PS: Cutting out the device does not help, because connection are removed.

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