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Old 2013-04-26, 08:03
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Reason 4 & Pro Tools GRID ISSUE, Not in Sync - Advice/Solution?

Hello all,

I've run into an annoying issue I can't seem to figure out a solution to. I have also sent this text to tech support. I am curious if any users can provide some support/insight.

I'm using Reason 4 on a stereo instrument track in Pro Tools 10.

It seems that their grids are not in "perfect" sync with another. Meaning, if I select bar 17 in Pro Tools, Reason may read I'm assuming Reason is compensating to match the Pro Tools grid, but this is terribly annoying. If I'm on bar 17 in Pro Tools, Reason should be on bar 17. It seems Reason only does this for certain bars. Some may match up perfectly and others may fall shy/short, for instance, when I really want it to be on bar 6. More than others are falling short.

I will try to explain further, I know it may be lengthy but I really would appreciate a fix or some sort of insight on this. I can't seem to find any info regarding this.

I noticed that when I clicked, for example, bar 17 in Reason, I assumed the meter would obviously read and correspond to Pro Tools bar 17|1|000. However, in Reason, it keeps going to (a.k.a. one "tick" away from being at bar 17).

Bar 1 is the only bar that corresponds perfectly between Pro Tools and Reason (1|1|000 in Pro Tools and in Reason).

Another 'test' I ran just to get further insight was reading the minutes and seconds. Bare with me on the numbers here, I'm just trying to give a clear explanation. Pro Tools may read, for instance, bar 3|1|000 which reads 0:06.760 in minutes and seconds, Reason reads which reads 0:06:760 in minutes and seconds. No problem there regarding minutes and seconds, however, the bars are still off from one another. Once more, I got in Pro Tools, 4|1|000 which is 0:10.140 and Reason which is 0:10:141, clearly showing that Pro Tools and Reason were off not only in bars, but a millisecond apart in this instance.

When I am clicking bar 17 and reading in Reason, being in slave made, I'm assuming Reason is compensating and adjusting to MATCH UP perfectly to the Pro Tools grid. So does this mean their grids are programmed and timed differently?

Is it even possible for me to fix this so the grids sync up with one another? I know the samples in Reason are hitting in time with Pro Tools, I'm guessing that's why Reason is compensating and moving to, for example, instead of bar 6. My question's are: why are the grids off from one another and how do I fix it so they match up perfectly? It becomes an issue when I click in more sounds in Reason, perfectly in time, on the grid but now I have to manually type in the correct time so the new sample is in line with everything else which is corresponding to the Pro Tools grid.

I'm attaching a picture. This picture shows the bars are off as well as the minutes and seconds.

I hope this makes sense. Thanks for any help.
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