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Essentials and Reason 5 compatibility

Hi all
I'm new!
Please could someone help me answer the following:
I'm a singer/songwriter and I've been using Reason 5 to write some backing tracks for a Demo i'm doing. Now i'm at the stage where i want to lay down the audio tracks (Vocals, Guitar etc). I really like the look of Essentials as it has all the basic functionality i need. I've gone and bought an audio interface so i'm good to go - just need to buy Essentials. However, i'm aware there are compatibility issues in opening other versions of Reason in Essentials. I need to know if this incompatibility is down to the fact that Essentials isn't compatible with certain 'devices' in other Reason versions - or is it down to actual 'software' compatibility? For example, i'd assumed that, if the limitation is down to 'device' compatibility, i could simply replace some of the devices in my Reason 5 files (the reverb devices for example) and open up in essentials with no problem. Obviously i can't test this as the Demo version of Essentials can't 'open' any files.
I have swapped out devices in my Combinator patches in Reason 5 to have all Essentials compatible devices and i can load this Combinator into Essentials no problem. However, if the compatibility issue IS down to 'software', then i still wouldn't be able to open Reason 5 files anyway - meaning i'd have to 'Re-Write' all my stuff (8 tracks!)
Of course i could get a different DAW and rewire - but i've heard this is really processor intensive.
Any advice is really appreciated! - Thanks

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