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Old 2013-04-27, 21:33
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Ubuntu Support (I know, it's a common question, but times have changed)

Now, I know this question comes up often on various places: "Why is there no support for Ubuntu?".

With Ubuntu growing and becoming a very streamlined and popular operating system, with more and more users switching over for it's intuitive user interface people are asking these questions. I, for one, love Reason from the demo, and I plan on buying it soon. But I would withhold buying it if I hear news of a version supported by Ubuntu natively. I know I could use WINE, but it's a pain in the backside. Plus, it does not all work properly from what I've heard.

I know a typical excuse is: "There is not enough market potential." but that is totally untrue. Just think about how many people would switch to Ubuntu if the mainstream programs were released to work with Ubuntu (Photoshop, Reason, Cubase, etc...). It would be such an asset to Ubuntu as an operating system. People would love it to bits. Considering Ubuntu's 13.04 release, I think you should reconsider your choices. And so should Adobe and Steinberg.

And I know you could be thinking this is a bit risky. But just think how many people you could get your software out to, that love Ubuntu but keep Windows to use Reason. I would have to if I were to buy Reason. Besides, life is all about risk. Without risk, you will get nowhere.

Here's an idea, launch a poll on the main page of your website asking people if they would like to see a version of Reason for Ubuntu. I can almost guarantee that 90% of people would say: "Why not?". It would take me not time at all to create a basic poll system. So surely you can at least ask your users. And I say to make it on the homepage so it get's more reach. Also allow the public to vote, that way you will reach everybody.

Or if not create a version for Ubuntu natively, AT LEAST create a version that is more compatible with WINE, so that way you do not have to put so much time into it, just modify your Windows base.

Thanks for your time.

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