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Quantize Audio with User Grooves ?

Is quantizing audio *with user grooves* possible ?

In working with Reason's 7 new audio feature I find it easy enough to add/delete markers in the audio and to drag events around. And I can also quantize the audio according to the various settings in the Quantize menu (e.g. 1/32, 1/16, etc). However, I cannot seem to find a way to apply a user defined groove to an audio event using quantize or the Regroove function. In the former case when I look at the quantize window I don't see my user groove listed as possibility even though I've previously defined one. In the latter case there is no regroove channel possible for audio clips.

I realize that I can bounce the sliced audio to a Rex file and get that into a track where I can then apply a user defined groove to it
but that seems to be more work than it should be (at least in my opinion).


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