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DCAM Bus vs Chan compressors

Hi Musicians!

I would like to ask about one thing. I bought DCAM BusCompressor. But I'v seen there is also ChanCompressor in store.

The differences I'v seen in interface, are:
- Attack speed: Bus has from 0,1 to 30 ms attack / Chan has 0,02 to 1,2.
- Release: Bus Fixed 0,1 to 1,2 sec + Auto / Chan 0,05 to 1,2 sec
- Input gain: Bus -ifninity to 18 db / Chan -20 to 40 db
- Output gain: Bus/Chan -ifninity to 6 db
- Both has mix
- Ratio: Bus has fixed 2,4,10 / Chan has fixed 4,8,12,20,Nuke!

Bus additionaly has:
- Detection
- Treshold
- Makeup

Chan additionaly has:
- Bias

I understand, that ChanComp is for single channels, and bus is for group of channels like final mastering.
Now my questions
- Why chan is for one channel, and bus for group of channels?
- Can I stick to bus and use it on channels and group of channels without buying chan comp? Is it proper?


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