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Old 2013-05-04, 10:05
Sumibraxis Sumibraxis is offline
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idea for the next update, or what have you

Reason 6.5.3 owner, long time user.
have an idea that would save time for those of us that actually produce and master music.
the ability to make stems that have corresponding names to their respective channels simultaneously created.
in other words, I have 5 tracks
1 drums
2 synth 1
3 synth 2
4 guitar
5 bass

I need stems, (or individual waves of each element) to properly master a track... individual eq's that clean out things (that Reason isnt able to reach) that can synergistically create unwanted noise. I want to be able to create these stems with a single click, rather than have to select the channels individually, save song as given label, wait for the record process to end, and start over again. This would save SO MUCH time in the mastering/production area.
Thank you
Sumibraxis Dei
Toothgnasher/Angel of VIolence.

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