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Old 2013-05-05, 17:29
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Control Voltages: Rethink the Combinator

First, look at all the CV Rack Extensions in the shop. There's the 4-Phase LFO, Audio to CV, Ochen K.'s CV devices, Quadelectra's devices, Jiggery Pokery's Spider series, the Chronologist's CV devices, zvork's Volt series, and a few of the outputs from the A-Series... I could even argue that Auto-ARP is a CV device, and it's tucked away in the Instrument section. And the Matrix is essentially a CV device, and that thing's been around forever.

Let's face it: It's never been a better time to be a control voltage in Reason. And those devices tend to be hella cheap. They're almost like potato chips.

Then look at the back of the Combinator. There's a CV and Gate In, four additional CV inputs if you "Show Programmer," ...and no CV outs. Implicit in the design is the assumption that whatever control voltages come in will be used to make some sort of sound. If you want to change that sound, you'll need to delve into the Combi and change it manually.

For the sake of further organizing the rack, and warehousing those combinations of CV devices that we wish to use over and over again, I think we need some form of Combinator for Control Voltages. Something that'll hold multiple devices, has multiple gate and CV inputs, and is primarily geared toward gate and CV output, to be fed into whatever sound device chain comes next.

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