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Curious about collaboration ...

I have thought about this quite a bit and wondered exactly how people collaborate together generally (having never collaborated myself). I can probably guess the answer already which I imagine is going to vary wildly from one group of individuals to another to suit their own workflows but was interested to know how people operate.

Two examples though ...

1) Elton John/Bernie Taupin - Elton John wrote the dots and Bernie Taupin wrote the lyrics. An obvious split of the tasks of writing a song that clearly has been successful.

2) An artist I'm a big fan of and listening to a lot at the moment is Solar Fields (aka Magnus Birgersson) who produces instrumental electronica. Magnus has been involved in some collaborative projects with Aes Dana (aka Vincent Villuis) and the two work together under the moniker H.U.V.A. Network. Magnus is based in Sweden and Vincent is in France and I know their collaborative efforts are carried out remotely with only a handful of face-to-face meetings. I don't know how these guys work but again, I guess there are many ways to approach this problem.

Would be interested to know what you guys do, particularly with remote collaborative projects.

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