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Old 2013-05-06, 10:18
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R7 - I Think These Aliens Are Probably Definitely High

Hello folks, been absent a while. Here's what I've been working on in the last few weeks.

It's all Reason 6.5 - Reason 7 + a buncho RE's. Many Antidotes, a few Echobodes doing what they do best (getting aliens high, duuuhhh), some Buffre workouts whutup in the metallic glitchfest, etc. I still consider it a work in progress. Hopefully not one of those works in progress I never truly "finish." In any case, I hope you enjoy.

PS. Electricfusion, the warbly sound that solo's in the outro is my heavily Echobode induced modification of that patch you sent me months and months ago.

Edit. I keep forgetting to name drop Etch Red, which has been a go-to effect for me ever since it was introduced, this track being no exception. If I had to choose favorites (and the question was recently asked), I'd have to choose Echobode and Etch Red as my 2 absolute favorite RE's, tho there are many others I'd rather not do without, now that I've had a little taste of the sweet sweet candy ... Hmm that sounded creepy.. ah whatever!

Brought to you by Carl's Jr.

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