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Old 2013-05-08, 10:19
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[Progressive house] Reemo - Stay Yourself

Hi guys!

My name is Lukas and I live in the Czech Republic. After a long break from music production I returned this year and I am enjoying it like never before (thanks to the new reason 6.5 I guess :)).

My music has a lot of melodic and atmospheric elements. Wide pads and possitive feeling is something you can hear in my tunes quite often :) Mainly I produce dupstep, dnb and progressive music, but I love to listen to almost everything - I am a multi genre person! ;)

This one is a progressive house finished entirely in reason 7. I love new parallel processing and I am using it on almost everything :) I hope sound is better like this :)) My i7 cpu almost died.... :)

If you like progressive sounds and can spare 7 minutes of your life, here is the link :)

Enjoy and thank you!!

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