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Old 2013-05-09, 07:09
mdmesadie mdmesadie is offline
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How to adjust time to freeform track? beat detect...

OK, this is a hypothetical at the moment, but I'd like ot know if/how this is possible in reason.

Lets say I record a track that's not to a metronome or loop, but is totally freeform.

How would I then adjust the timing throughout the track to match my beats, but not retime my original material.

My initial thought was I could simply record me hitting the tap button to match the beats as I played through, but then I realized that would result in the original source being retimed (and stretched) rather than any loops I apply on top being retimed to the original material.

More or less I want to adjust where the beats hit/the bar positions without affecting recorded audio.

Any suggestions?

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