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Hello all,

I was hoping someone could explain to me the thought process of the way Reason 7 handles midi program changes (specifically sending OUT midi program changes.)

I'm bewildered by the appearance of the program change as displayed in the controller lane of the Reason sequencer. Why exactly is it being displayed as a constant value that runs throughout my song? Program changes are single events that occur at on point in time. I would expect to see them shown more like note information.

Additionally, the lack of BANK PROGRAM CHANGE info (ie MSB and LSB) in the program info is terrible. Although I understand that not EVERY instrument/device manufacturer follows the standard MSB/LSB protocol, many do.

How about including BANK INFO (MSB/LSB) as, at the very least, an available option.
Seems silly to allow Reason this fantastic power to control outboard MIDI gear, but send us back into the dark ages where we have to go around and manually program changes all our devices (or resort to manually coding in the MSB/LSB info using the controller lanes. LAME.)

Or am I totally off-base here and missing something?


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