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Rewire and Pro Tools 10 MIDI routing

I've done some research and reading on using Rewire/Reason/Pro Tools 10 together and have the audio and basic MIDI routing figured out. What I can't find any info on is routing MIDI from Pro Tools 10 via Rewire into Reason when I'm using a Combinator patch with multiple instruments in the Combinator. Pro Tools presents multiple MIDI outputs in an Instrument or MIDI PT track to Rewire/Reason MIDI inputs but how do I know which to pick for a multi-instrument Combinator? I want to be able to play the multiple instruments in a Combinator from one MIDI track in Pro Tools.

The manual has nothing about MIDI routing within a Combinator. All it has is this on page 343 of the manual: "About MIDI routing
Normally, MIDI (e.g. note and performance data) are sent to devices from their respective sequencer track. No cables are used in the rack to indicate MIDI connections."
Then it has a bit about using external MIDI controllers, etc.

Further the Combinator part of the manual deals mainly in audio routing - nothing about MIDI routing. A block diagram of how the routing in a Combinator (especially a multi-instrument Combinator) goes would be nice.
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