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Old 2013-05-11, 05:21
tilsonic tilsonic is offline
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Spectrum EQ is WEAK - beef it up please!

I was really excited about the Spectrum EQ feature when I bought the 7.0 upgrade -- how great it would be to not have to stack 2 or more MClass EQs on one another to do EQing! Instead I can do it all on the channel strip!

But wait, the Spectrum EQ points have a limited frequency range you can place them in, you can only have a limited number of these points, and their Q values only go up to 2.5? This sort of thing is all or nothing IMO -- you either give me a full featured EQ that works at LEAST as well as the MClass, so I can switch most of my EQing over to it, or you've given me a weak piece of junk that's practically worthless to me.

Here's 3 things the Spectrum EQ needs to be truly useful to me:

1) Q Settings on low and hi shelves, like the MClass
2) Option to add more freq points than the default number
3) Q values higher than 2.5. A LOT higher! The MClass goes up to Q=32, and yes I DO need that precision sometimes!

That would do it I think. I love your software, but I'm frankly confused as to why things like this are kept so basic throughout all these revisions. You've created a KILLER mixer, now please enable me to truly MIX with it! I doubt you guys have a backroom deal with Waves or something ("listen up Propellerheads, keep your EQs crippled so we can maintain our market share!") So please, unchain the poor Spectrum EQ.


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