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A visual analyser for the compressor

Wow, first of all, i'd like to congratulate teh prop's team for the simple but so efficient new features of Reason 7. Visual equalisation analyser, parallel channel and bus so easy to call on, have just changed my approach of mixing in Reason. I fell like i only start to really discover the sonic abillities of the Reason mixer. I knew that it sounded great, but now I'm really using it. I've never use the EQ so much, and with parallel processing so easy to achieve, my Reason mix sound better thant never before. It's a proof that ergonomy is a must when it is time to choose a platform for mixing.

Ok, I still use Logic for some of my AU plug-in. But now, i do the inverse that i used to do. I export audio tracks from Logic to throw them into Reason :-)

- I've got two simple features that come to my mind and that i wish to share :

1) visual equalization is excellent, why don't you do the same for the dynamics section of the mixer ? It would be great. I've trie the Ableton Live 9 demon, and they did a great job with visual dynamic. Maybe something to get inspired of ?

It's so great not to depend on small buttons but to have a large visual panel to deal with.

2) I wish you guys put more color into your colors panel. Now with parallel processing and bus tracking being possible, the mixer start to grow bigger and bigger. I want more color to choose for my tracks. Once again, i found Ableton Live 9 so aesthetic. I want more of those up to date acid tonalities to colour my mixer and sequencer.

OK, that's it....
I've learnt to play music and produce while growing up with the whole Reason legacy!!!

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