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Advice on networking 2 computers

hello, i have an hp dv4 laptop with 2 sata drives, a express card port, usb 2.0 ports, and a 10/100 network card.

i am taking an a/v approach to organizing my sample library and spreading types of samples over 4 different hdd

i was using the express card slot to run a siig esata with 4 external hdd + 2 inside the laptop (1 for os, 1 for project files/exports)

i was using asio4all, however, now i have installed maudio profire610 firewire interface which uses the express card i lost my 4 external sata2 hdd...

i started yahooing all sorts of esata to firewire things (found a few)

then i thought of nas storage to use the 10/100 lan port on the laptop but those nas units are pretty expensive and actually have processors in them which gave me another idea: network an older desktop with a 2.3 dualcore processor that has 4 sata2 disks already in it

as an 'ad hoc' network...and this is what i would like advice about...
i need access to the hdd on the desktop computer

i believe i have a gigabit switch and a router with gigabit ports
i'm not sure of if the desktop has 10/100 or gigabit networking
but the dv4 laptop only has 10/100 networking

will 10/100 networking i/o create a bottleneck in terms of accessing samples from the 4 sata2 hdds inside the desktop

hdd1 refills a
hdd2 refills b
hdd3 rex files
hdd4 wave samples, soundfonts, acapellas

laptop hdd1 os
laptop hdd2 projects, exports

i wish f/x teleport was 64 bit that would be supercool

but i think everything will be okay if i can get access to the 4 hdds
and won't need to use the desktop's processing power just its storage...

have a good day, thanks, j
hp dv4 laptop 2.3ghz 8gb ram asio4all win7 64bit
reason 6.5.3 / reaper / acidpro /akai mpk mini / korg padkontrol

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