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recording from midi channel 2

I've been searching for a solution for this and I can't seem to find one.

I just bought an akai mpk61 midi controller and am using it with reason. I have the keys and other controllers using channel 1A, and then I have the pads going through channel 2A. Then in the advanced midi rack I have selected a Kong to receive input from bank A, channel 2. Pretty straight forward, and it works: I play the keys, and it plays piano or whatever I have selected; and when I strike the pads, I get the sound coming from Kong.

My problem is that if I want to RECORD the pads, no note information will be tracked in the sequencer track for Kong (the track is of course selected and armed). I can hear the sound, but the the instrument's thumbnail in the sequencer does not light up as per usual when you strike a note.

How do I get Reason to track notes coming from a channel other than channel 1? Thanks in advance!

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