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Fresha with a new beat....

New track by Fresha, DnB rolling... and all done within Reason 7, to showcase some of the possibilities. Lots of parallel processing going on, bussing and re-paralleling too. Ozone on the end just to finish the touches. More work to be done, but the general structure is there.

Using Prodator, Korg Poly Six, Thor for the sub, Malstrom for the riser, Kong to map up modelled drums + layer synth and samples (good old 909 kicks ). Even got some strings from the Orkester library layered up in the intro.

Use of ReQ131 before final out into Ozone (to boost the sub and raise the air up), and on the drums to make the kick punch through. Some sidechain action on the bass when long notes, but otherwise minimal sidechaining (picth dropping aka fast dives are the process used on the sub, so punches with the kick and no nasty phasing to make the sub weak). Also use of Uhbik A + Runciter, Faturator, some other stock effects too.

Comments and feedback welcome, still a WIP but not far to go....

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