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Link Channel Strip to Rack Device

A big problem with reason/record is the difficulty to organise stuff. There's been some progress made with the ability to go directly to the rack and some automatic grouping, but I still often get lost. What I would absolutely love to see is the ability to "sort all devices", this means that the rack device corresponds with the way the channelstrips are organised in the mixer.

- So if my kick is left on the SSL mixer and next to it is the bass, but in the rack they're apart from one another, I select both and click on "sort selected devices" , this would drag the kick above the bass in the rack

- Clicking "sort all devices" would drag everything to their right positions according to the main Mixer. This would help a lot if you have a hundred rack devices.

- Also the ability to "lock (all) mixerchannel(s) to device" . This way, whenever I organise my sounds on the main Mixer, the devices automatically reposition themselves in the Rack - for instance draggin the kick to the right of the bass = bassdevice moves above the kickdevice in the rack.

Overkill or just right?

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