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Is my Balance broken?

I hope someone can help with this because I am close to launching my balance through the window!

I purchased a Balance in early April and installed all the drivers on my Sony Vaio laptop, followed the instructions and it worked sweet as a nut every day up until 2 days ago..

Two days ago I switched my laptop on as normal with the Balance connected and for some reason the Balance did not appear in the reason audio preferences as normal. I then restarted my laptop and it wouldn't shutdown until I unplugged the balance USB lead which was a bit strange. I did this several times and eventually the Balance kicked into life again and I used it happily for a few hours.

The next day I switched on the laptop again and the same thing happened again, the balance didn't show up in reason and once again after multiple reboots it would come to life eventually.

Obviously there was a problem with the system so I uninstalled all balance drivers and reason and reinstalled everything again as per the instructions. This is what I found when I tried to reinstall everything..

1. The installation hangs on driver install of "Propellerhead Balance" and eventually says "failed"
2. Computer wont shut down until I unplug balance.
3. I then unplug the balance and suddenly a "new driver found" box appears for the "Balance WDM interface" but because its unplugged it eventually says "unplugged".

I repeated this several times and on one occasion it all installed fine and the balance was recognized again by reason. However, once again when I tried to reboot I had the same problems as before.

I then tried to install the Balance on another laptop I own and had exactly the same issues on that as well. I then tried to install it on a macbook and initially it wouldn't see it in reason as well. However, on the macbook if I unplug the USB and plug it in again, sometimes, and I mean sometimes (40% of he time), it will suddenly appear in the audio preferences and work fine for that session. Once again though, a reboot of the macbook and the same issues appear again and again.

This is incredibly frustrating and because I am having issues on 3 different machines (one a mac) I am inclined to think that it has to be a hardware problem with the Balance. Like I say, it was working beautifully for over a month until this frustrating problem appeared. If anyone can shed any light or help in any way I would be grateful.. Thanks!

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