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Old 2013-05-23, 12:35
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Comparing Thor, Antidote, Predator (& NNXT)

Hi All

I've been on a bit of a mission lately trying to get Reason to give me the sort of sounds on a Larry Fast or Mort Garson record. It's not the exact sounds but the sense of softness and life in the voices.

I started to trial Predator and was immediately impressed but rather then getting carried away I figured I'd give Thor and Antidote a shot too. To put em on a level playing field I decided to essentially make the same patch in each instrument and let them play the same thing back to back to see which has the vibe. The Bassline was added later so don't assume they are supposed to be in time with each other - pure coincidence when they are. Video doesn't seem to want to show up.

Interestingly Thor comes up with the most striking sound. It refused to be as muted as the others but boy does it trumpet (hihi) itself.

Antidote was the first patch (before I got the comparison idea) and I spent a lot of time getting in all the performance stuff. At the time I was chuffed In the mix though it seems a bit more flat.

Predator was the first clone and while it has a very similar architecture (of the voice) to Antidote the sound seems flatter again in the mix. Predator has delivered the best bass sound of the lot.

At the very end I decided to tack on some sample patches I have been playing with. I have recently re-discovered how nice single-sample synths can be and been making a sound set (maybe a ReFill). I chose the closest match to the other sounds and tacked em on. That brass sound might be a simpler patch but it has a depth and magic the others struggle to match. That isn't the theory we're taught.

Interestingly a friend who is a modular nut (nuts for modulars that is) came to the same conclusion without my even asking him to listen.

Tell me what you think - even if you think synth brass sucks just say which you feel is more alive or engaging for you.

Of course anyone who can actually explain why the sample sounds more vibrant as an instrument will be most welcome to share.


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