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Smile clip references

Consider the case that my song plays a certain melody* at several locations, but then I want to adjust it. As it is now using Reason's Clips, first I need to adjust the melody in one clip, and then manually replace other clips by copy/pasting. This is a lot of work and prone to errors. The more complex my song, the more likely I'll overlook a few clips to update.

My suggestion is to keep all clips in a library, with the clips shown in the sequencer tracks as mere references/pointers to the actual clips in the library. So when I change a certain melody, then automatically that melody is changed in all other locations as well. Of course it would be nice to have a pop-up asking me whether to apply changes to other clips as well, or just this one. (Changing only this clip then implies adding the changed melody as a new clip to the library.)

Apart from the ease of use, this also allows me to have a quick overview of what clips I'm using, save the clip library to disk for later use, or even share it with others.** As far as I understand Reason's Blocks, this suggestion might be along the same lines, but I think this goes even further.

I hope this will be of any help,

*or drum rhythm, automation, whatever fits in a clip.
** Well I'm not sure whether I'd encourage sharing clips as that may lead to even more copycat behavior, but still.

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