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Old 2007-07-25, 18:44
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Remote override mapping "per track" besides current Global

Currently, there are 2 complementary modes of controlling Reason through Remote technology (that I know of, besides the default Reason's MIDI implementation, of course):

1) Specific "Remote surface controller mappings" per Reason device set through the .remotemap file
So, locking a specific controller to the main mixer, for instance, is great for those that can spare a surface controller just for that.

2) Global "Remote Override mappings" assigning a "control surface item" to a specific "remotable item" in the rack. This is done per "surface controller", which is cool... to those with many surface controllers :P
This global method is also good for those with few surface controllers but with a huge amount of knobs/faders, etc...

So, currently, there's no way (that I know of) to take advantage of the ease of use(*) and logic behind the 1st method while, at the same time, being able to control simultaneously, sets of multiple devices, with just one controller.
(* Reason still needs a graphical editor for, at least, the settings in the .remotemap files)

Extending the current way of selecting a track to select the device we want to control through Remote, we would get a 3rd method, where each track would "remember" the Remote overrides made while that track was selected. So, in practice, the 3rd method would be a per track Remote override instead of the global one provided by the current 2nd method.

Device locking to a mixer or global overrides are great and helpful for mastering a song or to make any global changes or recording final automations after having everything in place, all the patches done, all the tracks made.

This 3rd method I'm suggesting here, would be great when recording a track or trying out settings on various effects devices connected to the selected instrument while at the same time choosing, creating or editing the patch, and/or adjusting the mixer Pan, Eq, Aux, Level settings of the channel to which the select instrument is connected.

One way to simulate this, would be to package every needed device inside a Combinator and then only assign Combinators to each track.
The problem would be that this would restrict the control to 4+4 control items, also make a very confusing Combinator when the original instrument was itself a Combinator and also this wouldn't let us control the various available settings of the related audio channel in the master mixer.

This 3rd method would let the user do track-related Remote overrides like this example:

Track 1 "Piano" = Combinator 1
+Fader8 = Main Mixer: Channel 1: Level
+Button1 = Main Mixer: Channel 1: Mute
+Button2 = Main Mixer: Channel 1: Solo
+Knob1 = Main Mixer: Channel 1: Pan
+Knob4 = Reverb 1: Size
+Knob5 = Main Mixer: Channel 1: Aux1
+Knob6 = Main Mixer: Channel 1: Aux2
+Knob7 = Main Mixer: Channel 1: Aux3

Track 2 "Strings" = NN-XT 2
+Fader8 = Main Mixer: Channel 2: Level
+Button1 = Main Mixer: Channel 2: Mute
+Button4 = Unison 1: Voice Count
+Knob1 = Main Mixer: Channel 2: Pan
+Knob4 = Unison 1: Detune
+Knob5 = Main Mixer: Channel 2: Aux1
+Knob6 = Main Mixer: Channel 2: Aux2
+Knob7 = Main Mixer: Channel 2: Aux3

Track 3 "Drums" = ReDrum 1
+Fader8 = Main Mixer: Channel 10: Level
+Button1 = Main Mixer: Channel 10: Mute
+Knob5 = Compressor 1: Ratio
+Knob6 = Compressor 1: Threshold
+Knob7 = Main Mixer: Channel 10: Aux4

In this example, all the unmentioned surface controls (Faders, Buttons, Knobs, etc) would continue to work as usual, controlling the mapped "remotable items" of the target device assigned to the selected track, so the user would still be able to tweak the patch through the remaining controls.

So this 3rd method would in fact let the user have sets of controllable devices per selected track. Something impossible to do right now.

Right now, if the user wants/needs to control some "remotable items" in various devices at the same time, he would need to buy a physical surface controller for each Reason device in the rack he needs to control, even if he only needs a sub-set of the available "remotable items" per selected track (in fact, per controlled *Instrument*).

Sorry for yet another long post, but this was something I wanted to suggest for a while now but wasn't sure how it would be implemented, until now.
more suggestions...

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