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I love reason. . .don't you?

I think Reason is great all around. . .

My biggest gripe with PH about Reason that they have to work on. . . is Workflow.

Sure they came out with Midi out, and all of the other great features and please do not get me wrong. . .I APPRECIATE THE SH!T OUT OF THEM.

But I would like to work faster in Reason.

Here is what I propose and most of these things I said before. . .

1.) LEFT-CLICK =>> DRAW OR ADD CLIPS/NOTES RIGHT-CLICK =>> DELETE CLIPS/NOTES . . . If you ever worked in FL Studio you will be able to attest to HOW FAST YOU CAN EDIT MIDI OR SEQUENCE WITH THIS FEATURE. You can click and drag and draw in was many clips/notes to your heart's desire with the paint tool and then right-click and drag in the opposite direction to delete. FL Studio cannot patent a mouse function so PH USE IT DAMMIT! IT IS SO FxCKIN' EASY!!! LOL.
2.) D FOR DUPLICATE. . . .Maybe you are not a mouse person when it comes to sequencing. So how about you select a clip or clips and press a D (for duplicate) and it will automatically paste your selection into the next bar or bars. Keep pressin' and it keeps duplicating. . .MAKE IT HAPPEN PH.

---A note chopper. . . Take a quarter note and turn it into a 16th or 32nd note with a selection and a click. Easy for drum rolls.

---PORMENTO/SLIDES. . .Can't really explain this one. Just try to figure out an easy way to integrate this into the midi editor and make it work with any rack instrument.

4.) DRAWING AUTO-F*CKIN-MATION . . . FL Studio. . . Learn from it. . . that's all I have to say about that one.

5.) Custom Commandin' of the QWERTY. . . .DO IT. . . JUST. . .DO IT.

I could go on and on. . .Point is. . .I'm so close to using Reason as a standalone but I'm not fast in it at all and it hinders my creativity sometimes.

I love Reason but I would love it more if it had these features. I'm not trying to say FL Studio is better or whatever but seriously do what Presonus Studio One did and take all of the best features from all of the major DAWs in put it in Reason 7.5 or 8. You said hell froze over in the Midi Out email. . .Well let it keep freezing and follow Smokey622's suggestions please.

This should be the theme for the next release. . ."OVERHAUL."If you want to add anything. . .don't hesitate. .

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