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Selecting entire sections of a song


I'm a long-time SONAR user and I just started using Reason 7 in Rewire mode. One thing that was immediately annoying to me and that significantly complicates my editing process is the apparent inability to select entire sections of a song from the timeline. In SONAR, this was extremely easy-- I could use CTRL-A to select all tracks (or simply highlight the desired tracks) in the song, drag the cursor across the timeline to select a range of measures, and then I could cut or copy everything in that space of time, insert measures at that point, etc. SONAR would even know not to copy parts of clips that were outside the selected area. This made re-arranging complex compositions relatively simple and efficient. In Reason, there doesn't seem to be a way to do this; I have to minimize the view so that I can see all the tracks, and then drag a box around what I want to select. If a clip stretches outside the range of the box, it will select all of the clip, which is usually undesirable. I also don't see a way to insert measures without having to drag the L and then the R markers to the range that I want to insert into. This basically turns what I could have done in 10 seconds into a process that can take minutes depending on how complex the arrangement is. If anyone can offer any tips that could make any of this easier, I'd really appreciate it!


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