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House Music Production Tips

I want to make progressive house music. Does anyone know of any sites that explain exactly how to put together a track, or can anyone here give me any tips.
I've been told that for all electronic music, a good tip is. to make 16 bars of all the elements/tracks at it's peak, then cut and paste for however many minutes you want the song to be, then you build up to the original 16 bar peak by removing elements so it builds to that point, and build down at the end. I want to know what are all the elements that make up a progressive house track would be when it reaches it's peak.
Obviously there will be drums, bass, vocal or an audio sample of some nature, but then what else would there be, a pad? strings? a lead synth? can anyone tell me in 'prgressive house' what are all the elements you would incorporate.

I would also like to know how to compress drums in house music. What do you want the kick to sound like in this particular genre when it's compressed.

Also, what does 'break' mean in house music production. This is what Beatport site says on stucture:-

"Progression’ is obviously key in progressive house, so spend some time building up the arrangement with just the right amount of tension. A tried and tested structure involves 64 or so bars of build with relatively few elements and plenty of repetition until the first break kicks in. This break is intended to be euphoric and uplifting. Here is where you introduce your big melodic elements – chords, lead riff or both.".

As it says there, if you haven't brought in the chords, lead riff (big melodic elements till bar 65, what is going on before that, just bass and drums or some effects?
There is a lot to learn isn't there. I need to know a lot lol!

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