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Old 2013-06-07, 05:18
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Performing Live with Reason on Windows laptop

Is there a way to remove the Murphy's Law factor from using Reason/Record on a laptop computer operating system in a live situation? Reason gives us unlimited features that sound great playing from the DAW, but to port your sounds, or sequences to a performance situation leaves one vulnerable to OS or computer hardware issues.

Can you export the great sounds the Reason devices provide as midi and use them in dedicated hardware?

I can imagine setting up my Reason devices to a midi controller to play live, only to have a message pop up saying: my Norton subscription has expired, a new java version is available, you must have administrator rights to perform this function, Windows will now reboot to apply changes, Remind me later?, etc. Never mind the case if your hard drive crashes, or anything else that can fail on a laptop.

I saw a concert last year with a pretty successful hip-hop group in front of 5000 people that depended on a laptop, and, for any one of a hundred possible reasons, it stopped being useable. The user/singer was obviously upset, but they were a five-piece so it wasn't too bad. For a band with one synth, it would stop the show.

I have to find similar sounds on my stand-alone synthesizer, not MIDIed, to mimic what I've done in Reason. Performance relies solely on the keyboard, in fear that if I depended on Windows, I would be out of luck.

I know two laptops, or other backups, might be a suggestion, disable all software on my laptop, etc., but you can never tell what Windows will tell you when you least expect it.

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