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Using Reason7 live

Hi, I'm using R7 with laptop. I want to be able to control Reason from a pedal board of midi footswitches. I'm looking into getting a board with say at least 6 pedals on it to control the following in Reason:
tap tempo
jump to next location/block in song
go to start of song
Track change
master volume

Obviously I'd have to send the correct messages- I'm thinking the same message as the hotkey to do these things??
Most important point: Is there any way to move the play locator position in a song with a single hot key? What I mean is, if the play position is at 0, if I hit play it will start playing from the beginning of the track. Is there any way to set marker locators like in Cubase so that I could "got to next position in song" and then play from there? I'm thinking of trying to control the Reason from a footswitch board. I'm thinking that a single click on a pedal could be mapped to the hotkey to move the song position to the next point.
No markers in Reason, but what about song blocks?

Can anybody help, and tell me is there a way to move the play position along in a song to preset points/blocks, whatever?


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