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Old 2013-06-11, 22:17
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Game consoles war ! (((X-BOX 1 vs PS4)))

I have a lot of love at 34 years old for game consoles and I remember even playin music games on some and I know some users of Reason are music makers and sound designers for Video Games so I find interesting to speak on the future of the two monsters but without going as fare as mac vs pc .

Microsoft is teasing the XBOX-1 and it's cool it got 8core AMD super fast, 8GO RAMS and maybe the same GPU sytem then PS4 !

some kids will have more power in that then there parents have with there PC LOL

but there is a dark side of this multimedia-center called the X-box 1 ,

The thing almost got to connect once a day to work , the games liscences are not transferable and you cannot lent your game to a friend for a few days but still it is the mega-center thing but around 500 dollars !

Sony Did there teasing on the PS4 juste after Microsoft and they say that they are 400 dollars and also that it not requiere a internet connection at all time , they also sayed that the games liscence will make possible to give or re-sale your games unlike xbox .

they also gived 8go of RAM and a proscessor amd but not as fast as the xbox one !

they both are amazing in my opinion , they also are more PC's then a normal game console like Wii mini wich is for me the only real game console left when others are multimedia centers with a multiple simulator side

anyway it is good to see that gaming will be having some freshness and new paint !

I bet a lot of peoples here a interested on that rather for work (music and developement) or because you still young or sneak on your kids consoles for a session when they in class

I would get the Sony if I wa going to by one now but only because I aint playing much so the imersion will be garrentie anyway ! what you guys think ?

you can read some more here by clicking on the console name under the blue title bar

It's like gambling !!!
but you get something out the slot everytime you click ! lol


No Respect for the Talion Law , I whant it All !

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