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Overwrite / Overdub MIDI recordings

while recording MIDI, I'd love the feature to replace what I've played or to add a new dub and keep/mute the last loop. Like you can do with the audio comp mode. This would greatly enhance the recording workflow.

Few workaround are possible:
-Use the MIDI instruments as a rec source
-Duplicate everthing multiple times and just rec in an extended loop
-sth I did't come up with (tell me please!)

As I only touched external MIDI syncing (on programming level), my question now is if the following might be possible:

1.Write a external tool that acts as a virtual MIDI controller (did this to code a GamePad-To-Midi thing, which worked just fine)
2.Use this tool in 'MIDI-Clock-Sync-Output' (preferences)
3.Now I can check via code if a loop is over and recording is on (Right?). Then, as a first naive idea, send a 'delete' key at the end of the loop to get the replace-midi-during-recording feature. Or other hotkeys/MIDI-signals to add an alternative lane and mute the last one.

I think syncing and check if recording is active might be the hardest things to do, as I already did most of the other stuff.

Can anyone judge if this is possible or even did it (or parts)? Code base would be any language available in VisualStudio.


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