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Old 2013-06-21, 07:01
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Symphonie de l'océan - Drone Soundscape

1. Introduction
2. Symphonie de l’océan
3. Ending

"A journey through the minimal drone soundscape of Symphonie de l’océan. An evolving soundscape, drowning you deep into a lonely minimalist trance. Sink into the ocean and submerge yourself in it’s sub-sonic drone, follow the ocean cries as it pulls you deeper into the darkest loneliest depths, sinking, drowning, transcending beyond the ocean."

Album made using field recordings, and 1 recorded sample of a singing bowl used to create this patch: Free Singing Bowl NN-XT Patch

Unprocessed, just arranged within Reasons sequencer with some EQ, time-stretching and transposing.
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