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Spoiling the Modular Experience

Ok Reason is a modular/semi modular environment, which I love, can't beat custom multi-band setups, layered synth Combis and advanced FX chains, but certain elements make this harder than it should be, like it's been tacked on.

1) Lack of multi parameter adjustment, this is my biggest bugbear, for example it's such a workflow killer adjusting the same parameter on 7 synths in a Combi when theres no Combi knobs left!! We need keypad value entry, copy and paste value, ctrl/shift click multi parameter adjustment.

2) We need more Knobs and Buttons, in addition Radio Buttons, Faders, XY pads, Jog Wheels, Mod Matrix slots in the Combinator, sub Combinators would be good too!!

2) Some folded devices don't unfold when you drag cables onto them, Kong's Drum & FX section for example.

3) Better cable management, with cable happy devices it ends up like a rats nest at the back and you can't quickly identify whats plugged into what.

4) Homogenised and/or colour coded/more visual rear panel GUI connections is needed, so you can identify at a glance L&R, inputs and outputs, CV sockets just by looking at any device, this should of happened before RE's were released and it got even worse with different devs interpretations.

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